What is launcher activity in Android?

When an app is launched from the home screen on an Android device, the Android OS creates an instance of the activity in the application you have declared to be the launcher activity. When developing with the Android SDK, this is specified in the AndroidManifest.xml file.

What is the launcher activity?

Launcher Activities are the activities that can be launched for a given intent. For example, when you press an app icon on the home screen, the StartActivity intent starts the activity you have specified as the launcher activity.

Can not find launcher activity in manifest?

It means you didn’t specify an Activity for Android to launch as the default when the app opens from the launcher. You have to add an Intent Filter in the Manifest for the Activity you would like to act as the default when the app is being launched.

What is launcher manifest?

The Android Manifest is an XML file which contains important metadata about the Android app. This includes the package name, activity names, main activity (the entry point to the app), Android version support, hardware features support, permissions, and other configurations.

What is the name of file where you declare that an activity is the launcher activity of your application?

This code should be placed in your AndroidManifest. xml file, and it declares that a Java class named MyMainActivity is the launcher activity for your Android application.

How many launcher activity can be present in an Android app?

2 Answers. Yes, just mark two or more of your <activity> s as LAUNCHER within your manifest. In addition you have to set the android:taskAffinity attribute on both of your Launcher-Activities which specify the exact package and Activity to be started.

How do I change my default activity?

Go to AndroidManifest. xml in the root folder of your project and change the Activity name which you want to execute first. If you are using Android Studio and you might have previously selected another Activity to launch. Click on Run > Edit configuration and then make sure that Launch default Activity is selected.

How do you change activity on Android?

How to switch between Activities in Android

  1. Create the Activities.
  2. Add the Activities to the app’s Manifest.
  3. Create an Intent referencing the Activity class you want to switch to.
  4. Call the startActivity(Intent) method to switch to the Activity.

What is Android default activity?

In Android, you can configure the starting activity (default activity) of your application via following “intent-filter” in “AndroidManifest. xml“. See following code snippet to configure a activity class “logoActivity” as the default activity.

How do you solve unresolved class MainActivity?

Unresolved class MainActivity

  1. refreshing IDE cache.
  2. checked package names in Android manifest and MainActivity.
  3. selecting a default activity in-app configuration.
  4. made sure that src is the source directory.

What is Android intent category launcher?

category — Gives additional information about the action to execute. For example, CATEGORY_LAUNCHER means it should appear in the Launcher as a top-level application, while CATEGORY_ALTERNATIVE means it should be included in a list of alternative actions the user can perform on a piece of data.

How do I permanently change my launcher on Android?

To access this setting, simply perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings application.
  2. Scroll down and tap Apps.
  3. Tap the Options button in the top right corner.
  4. Tap Default Apps.
  5. Select Home Screen.
  6. Select the installed launcher you want to use by default.

How do you create a manifest file?

Generation of a manifest file for a particular project can be controlled in the project Property Pages dialog. On the Configuration Properties tab, click Linker, then Manifest File, then Generate Manifest. By default the project properties of new projects are set to generate a manifest file.

What is the use of manifest file in Android?

The manifest file describes essential information about your app to the Android build tools, the Android operating system, and Google Play. Among many other things, the manifest file is required to declare the following: The app’s package name, which usually matches your code’s namespace.

What are activities in Android?

You implement an activity as a subclass of the Activity class. An activity provides the window in which the app draws its UI. … Generally, one activity implements one screen in an app. For instance, one of an app’s activities may implement a Preferences screen, while another activity implements a Select Photo screen.

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