What is context menu android?

In Android, the context menu is like a floating menu and arises when the user has long pressed or clicks on an item and is beneficial for implementing functions that define the specific content or reference frame effect. The Android context menu is alike to the right-click menu in Windows or Linux.

What is context menu used for?

A context menu (also know as a contextual menu, shortcut menu or pop-up menu) is the menu that appears when you right-click and offers a set of choices that are available for, or in context of, whatever it was you clicked. The available choices are usually actions specifically related to the selected object.

What is context menu and option menu in Android?

A context menu is a floating menu that appears when the user performs a long-click on an element. It provides actions that affect the selected content or context frame. When developing for Android 3.0 and higher, you should instead use the contextual action mode to enable actions on selected content.

Which method is used to register view for context menu?

What is “context menu” & method registerForContextMenu() In Activity class, there is method called registerForContextMenu(View view) . The android document explains that this method is used to registers a context menu to be shown for the given view (multiple views can show the context menu).

What are two types of popup menu?


  • Contextual Action Modes – An “action mode” which is enabled when a user selects an item. …
  • PopupMenu – A modal menu that is anchored to a particular view within an activity. …
  • PopupWindow – A simple dialog box that gains focus when appearing on screen.

Which control is used for creating menu?

Menu Property Editor. The Menu Property Editor is used to create menus. A menu, unlike most of the objects edited in the Revolving Property Editor, is a created object and is not available from the object palettes. Only properties unique to a menu object are described here.

What is the difference between popup menu and context menu?

The contextual action mode displays action items that affect the selected content in a bar at the top of the screen and allows the user to select multiple items. See the section about Creating Contextual Menus. A popup menu displays a list of items in a vertical list that’s anchored to the view that invoked the menu.

What are different types of menu in Android?

There are three types of menus in Android: Popup, Contextual and Options. Each one has a specific use case and code that goes along with it. To learn how to use them, read on. As shown in the code snippet above, each menu item has various attributes associated with it.

What is context in Android with example?

A Context is a handle to the system; it provides services like resolving resources, obtaining access to databases and preferences, and so on. An Android app has activities. Context is like a handle to the environment your application is currently running in. The activity object inherits the Context object.

What is context menu explain with an example?

In android, Context Menu is like a floating menu and that appears when the user performs a long press or click on an element and it is useful to implement actions that affect the selected content or context frame. The android Context Menu is more like the menu which displayed on right-click in Windows or Linux.

Which menu is called pop up menu?

A context menu (also called contextual, shortcut, and pop up or pop-up menu) is a menu in a graphical user interface (GUI) that appears upon user interaction, such as a right-click mouse operation.

What is a floating menu?

Also known as “fixed menus” and “hovering menus”, floating menus stay in a fixed position when you scroll the page. They appear to “float” on top of the page as you scroll. Creating a floating menu is very simple and quite painless.

What are the two types of popup menu in VB?

Popup menus are a useful metaphor. Popup menus are sometimes referred to as speed menus, right-click menus, or context menus. Popup menus are generally invoked by right-clicking the mouse button.

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