How do I find my NAS on Windows 10?

Press Windows + R to open a Run dialog box, and type “<NAS address=”” ip=””>“ to view your NAS in Windows 10 File Explorer. Map NAS shared folders as network drives on your Windows system.

How do I access my NAS on Windows 10?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open File Explorer, then select This PC.
  2. Click the Computer tab on the upper part of the windows.
  3. Click Map network drive.
  4. Select a drive letter you want, then click Browse.
  5. Navigate to your NAS drive, then click OK.
  6. Confirm your selection, click Finish.

How do I find my NAS on my network?

You can get the NAS IP address from the LCD screen of your NAS or by using Qfinder Pro. Alternatively, use Qfinder to locate your NAS and then click “Network Drives” in the Qfinder action bar. You can also map NAS shared folders as network drives in Windows.

How do I find my network drive in Windows 10?

Open File Explorer from the taskbar or the Start menu, or press the Windows logo key + E. 2. Select This PC from the left pane. Then, on the Computer tab, select Map network drive.

How do I access my NAS storage in Windows?

Mapping the Storage through Explorer

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Select Map network drive.
  3. Select the Drive Letter that you want from the Drive list.
  4. Enter the path to the storage in the Folder field. …
  5. Select the Connect using different credentials option.

Does Windows 10 use SMB?

Currently, Windows 10 supports SMBv1, SMBv2, and SMBv3 as well. Different servers depending upon their configuration require a different version of SMB to get connected to a computer. But in case you are using Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, you can check if you have it enabled too.

How do I connect a NAS directly to my computer?


  1. Connect the NAS to your PC/Mac with a direct ethernet cable. You may use any of the available LAN port on the NAS.
  2. Set your PC/Mac to IP address and submask …
  3. Run Qfinder on your computer. …
  4. Try if you can ping NAS IP.
  5. Try if you can see QTS web interface.

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Can’t see NAS drive on network?

[FIXED]: NAS Device Not Visible on Windows 10

  1. Click the Windows icon (Start Menu) and select Settings.
  2. On the Windows Settings window, select Network & Internet to open a Status window.
  3. Click Change Adapter Options.
  4. Right-click an adapter you use for accessing NAS device and click Properties.

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How do I share a NAS drive on my network?

Choose the “Protocol” as “Network File System (NFS)” Browse for new share on your home network e.g, 192.168. 1.39. Select the “Shared folder” on your NAS e.g, Movies.

How do I make Synology NAS visible on network?

To enable Windows network discovery to allow file access via SMB on your Synology NAS:

  1. In DSM, go to Control Panel > File Services > Advanced.
  2. Under the WS-Discovery section, tick the Enable Windows network discovery to allow file access via SMB checkbox.
  3. Click Apply to save the settings.

How do I find a missing network drive on my computer?

You can map the network drive manually by following this simple procedure.

  1. Right-Click on the Start button and select File Manager.
  2. Right-Click on This PC and select Map Network drive…
  3. Select the appropriate drive letter.
  4. in the Folder field, type the folder location as identified below.
  5. Click the Finish button.

How do I manually map a network drive?

Mapping a network drive

  1. Click the Start menu.
  2. Click File Explorer.
  3. Click This PC in the left side shortcut menu.
  4. Click Computer > Map network drive > Map network drive to enter Mapping wizard.
  5. Confirm drive letter to use (next available shows up by default).

Why can’t I see my other computer on my network?

The Windows Firewall is designed to block unnecessary traffic to and from your PC. If network discovery is enabled, but you still can’t see other computers on a network, you may need to whitelist File and Printer Sharing in your firewall rules. To do this, right-click the Windows Start menu and press Settings.

How can I access my NAS from my phone?

Connecting to your NAS share

  1. Tap the LAN (Windows shares) option:
  2. Tap <New server> to add your NAS server details:
  3. Select a name for New server connection:
  4. Provide the name of your server (or IP) followed by the name of a relevant share.

Does a NAS have to be connected to a router?

Tip: While most NAS devices require an Ethernet connection to your network router, some models offer built-in Wi-Fi wireless connectivity and don’t need to be physically connected to a router. Do I need to be a computer professional to install a NAS? Not at all.

How do I add a NAS to Windows 10?

Just follow these steps:

  1. Press Win + E to open a File Explorer window.
  2. In Windows 10, choose This PC from the left side of the window. …
  3. In Windows 10, click the Computer tab.
  4. Click the Map Network Drive button. …
  5. Choose a drive letter. …
  6. Click the Browse button. …
  7. Select a network computer or server and then a shared folder.

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