Best answer: How do I install a bundle file in Linux?

How do I install a bundle package in Linux?

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  1. You need to change permission of the file to make it executable: chmod a+x VMware-Player-6.0.3-1895310.x86_64.bundle.
  2. Start the file. You will most probably need root privileges to install VMWare, but that is not always the case. So in this case: sudo ./VMware-Player-6.0.3-1895310.x86_64.bundle.

How do you install a bundle?

Install VMware Workstation or VMware Player from a . bundle file

  1. Open a terminal (Ubuntu keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Alt+T).
  2. Change directory where the bundle installation file was saved. cd dir.
  3. Substituting the file name, type the following command: sudo sh VMware-Workstation-xxxx-xxxx.architecture.bundle.

What is a bundle file Linux?

A .bundle file is an execute file for linux to install a program. A way to install this file extensions is: sudo bash filename. For example: sudo bash myinstaller.bundle.

How do I extract a .bundle file?

To extract the contents of a bundle file

  1. In the InfoBundler window, view the bundle file from which you want to extract the files.
  2. From the file menu, choose Extract.

Which VMware do I need for Linux?

Which VMware do I need for Linux

What kind of hardware do I need to run VMware Workstation Pro? VMware Workstation Pro runs on standard x86-based hardware with 64-bit Intel and AMD processors and on 64-bit Windows or Linux host operating systems. VMware recommends 1.2 GB of available disk space for the application.

What does install bundle mean?

When you make a change to the Gemfile(5) and then run bundle install , Bundler will update only the gems that you modified. In other words, if a gem that you did not modify worked before you called bundle install , it will continue to use the exact same versions of all dependencies as it used before the update.

What is bundle command?

The bundle exec command ensures that executable programs installed by Gems don’t interfere with your app’s requirements. For instance, if your app needs a specific version of rake but the default version of rake differs, bundle exec ensures that you can still run the specific rake version compatible with your app.

What is bundle package?

bundle package will copy all the gems required by your application into the vendor/cache folder. This also includes dependencies required by the gems.

How do I read a bundle file?

When you need to open BUNDLE files, start by double-clicking it. Your computer will try to open it automatically. If that doesn’t work, try the following tips.
Tips for Opening BUNDLE Files

  1. Download another program.
  2. Look at the file type.
  3. Check with the software developer.
  4. Install a universal file viewer.

How do I install a bundle file in Windows?

How do I install a bundle file in Windows

bundle download from the VMware Download Center.
Installing VMware Player

  1. Log in to the Windows host.
  2. Open the folder where the VMware Player installer was downloaded.
  3. Right-click the installer and click Run as Administrator.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.
  5. Restart the host machine.

How do I open a bundle file on Android?

How do I open APK bundle?

  1. Go to Edit Configurations.
  2. Select the Deploy dropdown and change it from “Default apk” to “APK from app bundle”.

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